Recycled QWA #5: The revenge of “Kill All Americans”

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Recycled: Queries from the Weblog Addressed

kill all americans

Start with me if you please. It’s 5am and I got three and a half hours of sleep in 15 minute parcels.

How to destroy America.

We already discussed it. Need more, eh? How about insisting that technology has made stealing a basic human right? That’s a good bit of erosion.

kill all americans [2]

A project of this scale really requires a cost analysis up front.

Let’s just scribble some notes on the napkin here. The best price you can expect for a 50 ct box of quality 9mm rounds is about $12. Assume absolute best case: 1 bullet <—> 1 head. New census puts USA pop at about 296 million today. 2.96x108 ÷ 50 = 5.92x106 boxes of ammo. Do that by the $12 and we get: 7.1x107 or $71,000,000.

Wow… I was going to try to talk you out of it on the basis of cost, but, uh, that’s actually quite economical. Hmmm.

Destroy America

Do it yourself, lazy ass. You don’t see us Americans asking anyone else to do it for us, do you?

kill all americans [3]

It’s time we got serious about this discussion. We have a saying. Put your money where your mouth is. What kind of American would I be if I were willing to kill my countrymen for some silly ideology to which I don’t subscribe?

The resistance in Iraq was offering $1,000 a head for soldiers. I think that’s pretty fair though I question their ability to pay up. I also concede for the purposes of negotiation that the average US citizen is far less dangerous and far easier to dispose of than the average Marine. Far easier. So I think a huge discount is available. We already discussed the cost of doing business in kill all americans [2]. So you know there are some price floors already set in terms of materials. Also, I’m going to have to hire on some new staff but I’ll hire internationally for the obvious reason, cost, and because I would hate to be contractually obligated to shoot each of them as they pick up their final checks.

“i will kill all americans”

All right. If you could stop at the Mississippi, that would probably suit us fine.

Oh– Which side? Well, whichever, really.

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