Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I was a W-9 contractor last year and for the first time since I was a teenager didn’t have taxes taken out of my earnings. I saved carefully and painfully to be ready for today.

I just got to write a check for $20,585. It is considerably harder to take when paid as a lump sum.

That money is going to be used to prop up bad debt, kill innocent families in Afghanistan, prevent torturers from being held accountable, buy expensive medicine and care for people who are personally responsible for their bad health more often than not…

Something like $500 of it will go to pay for things which I would elect to pay for if I had the right to choose how my money is spent; roads, parks, and… well, actually that’s about it.

The tax protests are interesting. I am thinking about going downtown this afternoon to the one in Seattle just to see the show in person and put one more body into the frame of the potential TV shots. I don’t think they’ll amount to anything, obviously. It’s like an old woman protesting the mafia in a small Sicilian town. A side-show with no teeth.

What I want to say is about those bashing, belittling, and otherwise pissing on the idea and those participating.

You’re tools. Maleducated, selectively sophisticated, identical in every way to the side of the aisle you see as enemy. There is and there will be no change; there was never a hope. Every accidentally bombed wedding, every sodomized political prisoner, every golden parachute for incompetent debt managers, all of it. It’s your doing. None of it is possible without income tax. That $500 slice I’d pay approximates exactly what is fair and necessary to run an infrastructure and keep a reasonable international table set. The rest is graft, waste, corruption, and murder. Take the money away, it goes with it.

Don’t let me stop you from your cheering it on. There is no Ragnar Danneskjöld in a small college back East arguing with friends and his professor till dawn. You can sleep safely with your fear that anyone that talented, I mean dangerous, cares that deeply, that way.

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