At least the newest president speaks better than the last…

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

“I promise you, nobody is more frustrated than me with AIG

President What’s-His-Nose

Well… you know, speaks better than anyone under 25.

OMG, THATS SOOO MEEN. LMAO!!! KTHXBAI. How about a Jenna/Chelsea ticket in, say, 2020? Wouldn’t—’scuse please, I mean won’t—that be something?

At least Obama still has that new president smell.

Myself: Dude, no one is going to get that.

Me: Ludicrous.

Myself: That’s how everyone under the age of 50 talks, home slice.

Me: Me frustrated with group?

Myself: Don’t look at me, honky. Blame Cookie Monster. That blue motherfucker has been messing with kids’ heads since 1969.

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Re: At least the newest president speaks better than the last…

Ya think?

As I sat thinking about that, how it's not so much about what you do as, well, how what you stand for compares to how the educated fanbois want things stood for (see also: every currently praised president on the timeline), Rahm Emanuel got on abc tonight and drew my notice characterizing the President's opinion on administration and economy: "He just thinks that's the hand he's been dealt with."

By neil on 29 April 2009 · 18:43