America, not Cheney, dodged a bullet this morning

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Dick Cheney (nice makeup, asshole)

This morning in Afghanistan at around 10am local time Vice President Cheney was making a secret visit to an air base. A suicide bomber hit the base. Killed quite a few people but nowhere near hurting Cheney. Thank God.

Many of you at this sad point in my rapid march to the grave are probably not old enough to remember how reviled Reagan was. Fewer still will remember that Kennedy was one of the least popular presidents we’ve had while he was in office.

I remember being in class at a very liberally minded private school when Reagan was shot. I remember the critiques and harsh words against the man evaporating instantly, replaced with deep respect and even reverence for the situation. Men who despised him had glassy eyes when they told us kids about it.

Kennedy became some vague kind of hero for getting his case opened on film. Aside from some debatable contributions to civil rights and getting us in gear to go to the moon his major contribution was becoming the president who came the closest to starting a nuclear World War III and he was completely high on speed at the time.

If Cheney had got himself killed via suicide bomber in Afghanistan today the new, naked Right would have retaken all the lost chairs in DC and our next president, no matter the stripe, would dig America a bigger, ever more impotent moat of blood.

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Re: America, not Cheney, dodged a bullet this morning

You could not have been more accurate on the analogy.

By rekounas on 27 February 2007 · 19:42

A is A

Re: America, not Cheney, dodged a bullet this morning

Thanks. It didn’t even register with me when I wrote it. Automatic writing, almost. And I’m only slightly hopeful there is a chance for anything else coming up. Which is to say, I want something else, I’ve no idea how likely it might be.

By A is A on 27 February 2007 · 22:55

Antryg Windrose

Re: America, not Cheney, dodged a bullet this morning

Headlines said CHENEY UNHURT, like that was a good thing.

Curious, this bombing / assassination attempt. Nobody woke up Dubya to tell hm about the bombing. Dubya didn't mention the bombing at any photo-ops. When did Dubya find out? When should a president be notified of such attempts? Is Dubya really of any operational importance in this administration?

Not that this was a serious attempt, as the bomber had about zero chance of getting near Cheney, not without inside help -- like the recent political killings in Guatemala. In that case, visiting pols from Salvador (including the son of a former dictator) were waylaid and shot, then the chief Guatemalan anti-gang cops were jailed for the shootings, then someone broke INTO prison and shot those cops. But I digress.

I agree, offing Cheney (or Dubya, etc) would not be a Good Thing. Assassinating powerful US pols, no matter how deserving, is usually a bad idea. (But those without power are simply wellstoned.) The assassins might miss, or they might hit -- either way, the power structure responds with crackdowns, repression, a general increase in the level of Bad Vibes and fascism.

No, the way to really hurt shithead pols is to quote them. Keep their prior idiot sayings brightly in public view. Let them conduct their own character self-assassination.

By Antryg Windrose on 28 February 2007 · 14:09

A is A

Re: America, not Cheney, dodged a bullet this morning

I just got a hankering to see Bob Roberts.

By A is A on 28 February 2007 · 14:57