My enemies make me very :(

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Why do I have to write my own soul-leveling critiques? Someday perhaps I’ll earn a good enemy and won’t have to be so sad.

Some guy: Have you checked out Ashley’s site?

My ideal enemy: You mean

Some guy: I’m pretty sure it’s

My ideal enemy: Yeah? How could you tell?

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Re: My enemies make me very :(

I'd tap one into the pixelsphere for you, but I reached peak vituperation a while ago. The best I can summon up these days is a grim, embarrassingly labored parody of the Lump of Soul-Leveling Fallacy. The moment I start up, people look at their bare wrists and shake them, pretending they're trying to restart a watch. It fools no one. Not even them.

We deserve better enemies.

By Vagrant on 2 June 2009 · 02:07

A is A

Re^2: My enemies make me very :(

I hear the people of Zimabulanighuskstan hate me for my freedom. Maybe they will make good enemies for us and all of America. They don’t drive Chevies. That’s all you need to know.

Which reminds me of a book my ideal enemy wrote about me some 15 years past: How to Make Love to a Norwegian without Falling Asleep.

By A is A on 2 June 2009 · 19:34