A Scythian shot at Swine Flu

Monday, 18 May 2009

It’s like Jungle Fever for your mom.

Kinda light, I agree. I suppose you’d rather be reading Obama Thug Squad Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo? Nah… Mom jokes are about all the violence you guys have the stomach for. Sorry, for which you have the stomach.

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Re: A Scythian shot at Swine Flu

I used to object to torture. But then I saw the clear light of cruise missile liberalism. My guru tells me that I can ride my magic pony and eat it too. All thanks to that clear light.

By Vagrant on 2 June 2009 · 02:16
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A is A

Re^2: A Scythian shot at Swine Flu

And how many of the kids I grew up with had parents that could utter most of that without the slightest hint of irony?

I may have mentioned this before but after a long political discussion with an aunt when I was 17 her reply to all my critiques was… “Well, sometimes I think Americans have exactly the government they deserve.”

By A is A on 2 June 2009 · 23:06
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