xkcd is slowly becoming my revenge upon the world

Friday, 29 May 2009


I know you don’t get it. As someone who used to be able to identify any of 100 Roman book faces from a quick look at the lowercase “g” alone and was forced a thousand times by clients and marketing employees to use “Unicorn” and “Papayrus” and other faces I’d rather forget I ever committed to print or pixel—I don’t care.

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Re: xkcd is slowly becoming my revenge upon the world

Hey now! I get it. The self-consciously precious, sickeningly sweet faces can put anyone into insulin shock. Overexposure increases vulnerability to it. My understanding is that here's a circle in hell where clients and marketing employees are boiled in saccharine syrup for demanding their use. Of course their punishment comes too late to do us any good, here in this vale of tears. And it teaches them nothing, what with them being in hell and all and therefore at the end of the line. But that's religion, I guess.

By Vagrant on 2 June 2009 · 01:55
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