President Obama v English: FAIL

Friday, 5 June 2009

“Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail.”

Just to be clear—any order which places one thing ahead of another will fail.

Oh, actually, we check our New Standard Revised and Amended Dictionary of American English and we see that he was within his oral rights–

logical or comprehensible arrangement of separate elements wherein no element is arranged ahead or behind, above or below, another; or in any other logical or comprehensible way.

Here is what I would describe as a new world unordered list with a cardinality of one–

In Good Company

One of these things is just like the others. One of these things is quite the same…

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Re: President Obama v English: FAIL

Interdependence! One of my favorite words. I'm a mutualistic, enlightened self-interest, reciprocal regard kind of guy. So are my friends :-) It's all good. To keep it that way, none of us send out enema commandos or launch cruise missiles at each other. We don't waterboard anyone either, or drop bombs on wedding parties, or rob people, or hand the fruits of a robbery over to degenerate gamblers. Etc. etc. It's delightful to see that President Obama understands the core principle behind our comity.

Thanks, Mr. President! You're a swell guy. But the company you're keeping gives me a little adiga.

By Vagrant on 6 June 2009 · 10:46

A is A

Re^2: President Obama v English: FAIL

I’m building a cruise missile. I might not still be mad enough to use it by the time I’m done though. :(

By A is A on 6 June 2009 · 10:59


Re^3: President Obama v English: FAIL

We all build cruise missiles from time to time. It's a little nerdy, but otherwise harmless. Why just last Monday, after the weekend's recreational surgery was rained out, my neighbors came over to borrow a liter or two of liquid oxygen. Those rascals! Always running short. But I love 'em, even if they do get a little profligate now and again.

Of course I draw the line at handing the results of an amusing hobby over to the state. It's like handing kerosene to a pyromaniac.

By Vagrant on 6 June 2009 · 13:37