Misplaced comments #1

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I was gonna leave it light. After all, what's lighter than date rape? Am I right, fellas? But the Frog’s comment makes me want to elaborate.

Defending any group by categorically stating they’re all doing anything for the same reason is exactly as wrong as attacking them by stating they’re all doing anything for the same reason.

I know women who took any and all comers not because they were particularly enjoying the sex but because they couldn't tell the difference between sex and love and they had shitty dads or whatever and just wanted to feel loved. The casual sex wasn’t casual to them. It was painful, tearful, self-cutting misery. I also know women who just love sex and have plenty but always on their own terms and never out of compulsive behavior. I know men who fall into both roles too.

There’s room for differences behind outwardly similar behavior. Chuck Blow might have fumbled some of the language but what he’s talking about isn’t fiction and if kids had better parents and society wasn’t so fucking hypocritical about drinking and drugs it would be a lot easier to tell who was hooking up because they wanted to and would remember it fondly and who was brewing a kettle of regret and memory gaps.

This of course makes it sound like I think something should be done. I don’t.

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