“Sometimes, I wonder if this is how things started in 1933.”

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Really now. The Talmud is a hateful mess in which can be found plenty shame. So… now I'm a neo-Nazi who should not be allowed to speak, right? How about I amend the remark to include the fact that pretty much every other piece of religion—whether on sheepskin, papyrus, clay, stone, 20lb A4, or E-meter and cassettes—is equally despicable and full of hatred for everything from other races and women to learning and drawing breath.

Any culture which takes its identity primarily from religion is a culture of superstition and fear. Superstition and fear only end up one place: Hate.

Plenty of company though. And I know how some folks can’t stand to be lonely.

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Re: “Sometimes, I wonder if this is how things started in 1933.”

Indeed. Religiosity (morally indistinguishable from kleptocracy) and its selective literalists (the rent-a-cops of the soul) actively seek to displace and marginalize the material and ethical frameworks a culture needs to survive. It's worth mentioning, too, that more the anarchic religions form better rallying points for people who have a need for that kind of community. They live better and longer than their control freak cousins and stand a much better chance of getting a glimpse of the divine.

By Vagrant on 20 June 2009 · 11:45