Viewer mail: underage pornography

Friday, 2 March 2007

Hello, I am currently working on a college paper about child pornography and I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your numbers and statistics from.

Thanks for any help.

–Kevin H

Hi Kevin,

You’re not the first to ask so I’m putting the response up on the site.

Young nude girls by age

The data for Young nude girls came just from my weblogs; roughly from May 2004 to January 2005. When you are sent to a webserver (any site) the URL (uniform resource locator) of the previous page is normally passed on as the referer [sic]. So, for example, you can search on Google for “young nude” and this is the resulting URL (trimmed of inessential parts):

That URL would be logged in my webserver when someone clicks through to Sedition·com along with the visitor’s Internet address, IP. From the IP you can usually determine, with publicly available databases, geographical location. I wrote a program in Perl to parse the logs (they are tens of millions of lines long for a given year even for a moderately popular site) and look for nude|naked and for numbers next to it. Things like “naked girls 13-15” appear quite often so for the graph I considered that the same thing as searches of 13, 14, and 15. I threw out searches like “underage nude” and “young nude,” of which there were many. I tried to be accurate, doing things like removing self-referential queries—ones that came from Sedition·com—but I don’t claim any statistical soundness to my methods. It was a big enough data pool though that it is probably solid. [Sidenote: I don’t have the raw numbers anymore, so the graphs and the mean, median, and standard deviation is all there is right now.]

Ass + u + me

Statistics lie easily. The meaning of any datum without context is going to be subjective. It will mean whatever one wants it to mean.

So I caution you against assumptions about the data. I was, in part, playing for effect and maybe I should not have. There is no way whatsoever to divine a person's intent or identity from a single search string. While many of the searches were certainly by adult pedophiles looking for unripe goodies, many of the searches were by people who were just doing research. I know because a few of them have written me.

Some of of the searches are certainly kids. Imagine all the 10-15 year old kids out there whose parents have told them nothing about sexuality. Of course they’re gonna be curious if pubic hair is normal, how developing breasts are “supposed” look, and what the opposite sex looks likes under their Catholic school girl uniforms clothes.

One reason Young nude girls came about is because it’s a traffic magnet. Online writers know this, so they use it. This inflates the perceived presence of the subject matter. I knew the page would bring many extra visitors. I didn’t realize it would sometimes turn up as #1 on Google and MSN search and such. Goes to show how well actual pornography, generally content free but for the skin, is marginalized by the search engines.

If a national news story comes on and scares half the parents in America about how supposedly rampant online stalking and kiddy porn is, many of those parents are going to head straight to a search engine to see what they can see.

Underage porn is inexcusable but the definitions for it are often ludicrous. I have pictures of my kids playing in the yard naked. I shouldn’t have to be scared that I might do hard time because it gives some corrupt old bastard in a judge’s robe a boner. Digitally generated images of underage kids in provocative poses, where no child was involved at all, have been ruled as being illegal. Ten to twenty years in prison for drawing a picture on your computer? Or maybe going to prison for life because you share a computer with someone who saved child porn on it? That’s not part of the America in which I want to live.

Curiosity is, perhaps, ultimately the greatest thing humans contain; all advances in technology, science, and art stem from it. I suspect the actual market for kiddy porn is drastically smaller than anyone’s numbers imply. Creating a climate of fear, punishment, and repression regarding general sexual issues is, so I say, the main cause of unhealthy sexual deviance.

Thanks for writing. You’re welcome to the numbers. They are tantalizing but without context they are mostly meaningless so please use them responsibly.


PS: see also QueryLog and the referring searches page.

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Re: Viewer mail: underage pornography

I agree with most all this, I understand the arguments and believe 90% of people who search for "nude girls age 13" or whatever, are just curious and would never actually act on the opprotunity. Then I know myself at that age, was also curious about what females my age look lie, nude, and in sexy things, poses, ect. I do think in some cases the government takes it to far to get people checking out the porn, they need to focus on the people actually trying to meet some underage girls. Not trying to say child porn is ok, but it hasn't been that long that our social soceity veiwed girls in their early teens as a pedophila subject. Its true that lots of cultures have and still find girls that age as pure, attractive and just a young woman.

So go easeir on the underage boys looking for the pix of the girls, or as bad as it sounds the men looking for the pictures to, and go after the one's that put up the sites, and the ones that try to arrange meetings.

By BubbaB206 on 1 January 2008 · 10:42


Re: Viewer mail: underage pornography

give me pic of little girls from the age 5 to 10 and i will give you a little girls the age 7 who will do eneything you ask . go on facebook and look at her . her name is Ebony Mason she is 7 yaer old and u can gat a 13 and 11 yaer old the 11 yaer old is Bethany Hills
the 13 yaer old this Charlotte Brindle

By jordon on 7 September 2009 · 03:58


Re^2: Viewer mail: underage pornography

link me the girls on facey

By harlee on 5 June 2010 · 07:31

shankar lal

Re: Viewer mail: underage pornography

i want to know how to sex little age girls

By shankar lal on 12 December 2009 · 06:21


Re^2: Viewer mail: underage pornography

Chancre, I'm here to help. The first thing you need to do is buy five pounds of lemons. Don't steal them now! Buy them. Once you have them, you'll need a motel room. Check in and head straight for the bathroom, with your lemons (that you didn't steal, remember!). Fill the tub, undress and insert all the lemons but one in your rectum. Get in the tub and balance the remaining lemon on your nose. Extend your arms and clap your hands together, like a seal, while making seal noises. They should sound like this, "Awwroook, awwwrooook!"

Do that for at least an hour and report back.

By Vagrant on 18 December 2009 · 14:06


Re: Viewer mail: underage pornography

yeah, right, i am not a pedo, just a 14 years old guy in his bed xD

somhow, kids prefer to search for pics of kids of their age, and more kids than you think watch porn

sorry for fast writing, im on a psp (videogame console)

By Jacque on 6 February 2010 · 10:37


Re: Viewer mail: underage pornography

im looking for naked girls of the age 7 to 10

By harlee on 5 June 2010 · 07:19

Popavali Andropoff

Re^2: Viewer mail: underage pornography


You once wrote:

"If you actually manage to find underage nude girls online, which you probably won’t......"

I'm doing my part to change this.
See here:


By Popavali Andropoff on 23 May 2012 · 18:11


Re: Viewer mail: underage pornography

Hey I was just scared because I got to this site by searching "is nudism considered porn?" I wasn't
looking for child porn AT ALL! Is my ip really flagged!!! I'm in no way a sex offender and I'm not interested in child porn at all!!! Help!

By Joeseph on 20 July 2010 · 20:45

Naef Basile

Re: Viewer mail: underage pornography

What should be pointed out here is that many middle-aged men are turned on by fantasizing about this, but are not crazy or debased enough
to pursue a real-life encounter. There are so many forms of sex being presented on the internet that it eventually leads porn fiends (like myself) to think about every conceivable experience that might be viewable. For guys like myself, the the initial foray into cyber porn
develops into an addiction to one's own dopamine. Dopamine is continually produced during masturbation; its just that it is so much easier for an impotent old man like me to satiate this dopamine addiction if there are sexual images to look at. Eventually, I end up getting excited by everything, even the perverted stuff. This does NOT
mean that I have an agenda to pursue a real-life underage girl. The automatic assumption that every man who views this easily available content (on nudist sites) is planning to molest a child---is a current
overeaction stemming from the pursuit of real predators.

By Naef Basile on 3 February 2011 · 18:31

Brad Gregory

Re: Viewer mail: underage pornography

Hah! I figured as much. I came here via search for "Dore Prodigal Son" to confirm a particular illustration I saw was Dore and was for an illustration of the parable of the Prodigal son. That pedo search scroll on the upper right seemed to have nothing to do with any of the other content, so I clicked. And it was interesting.

Your response in the other comment thread about mental vs. physical development (considered historically) is very similar to what I have been saying for years. Not sure what we can do about diet-induced premature sexual maturation, but we keep extending an unnaturally prolonged adolescence (especially for males) during which we ask almost NOTHING of them except to play video games and screw.

While my natural tendency is to refrain from blaming "society" for the behaviors of fucked up individuals, I think the current enforced immaturity does a disservice to our youth.

Neat site, btw. Still checking it out. Too bad such a low percentage of independent individual sites achieve the level of "neat". But thanks.

By Brad Gregory on 6 February 2011 · 07:55

A is A

Re^2: Viewer mail: underage pornography

Thank you much. I wish the percentage of netizens that was as articulate and thoughtful were higher. Then again, I wish the percentage of human beings who knew Doré from Doritos was as well.

By A is A on 6 February 2011 · 10:19

Brad Gregory

Re: Viewer mail: underage pornography

Also, to avoid the "moral panic" propagated by media and government, it should be noted that "appropriate sexual age" is neither binary, nor perfectly chronological. Some 16-year-olds look 25 and some 30-year-olds look 16.

I've always liked skinny, athletic women (of course, when I was 15, the girls I liked of that type were also 15) and that hasn't entirely changed as I've gotten older. But this attraction to that youthful body type, which may or may not be to some extent hard-wired is, I hope, easily differentiated from the horror stories I've heard of the abuse of prepubescent children. (though I do recognize the validity of the your little "Well how young were you looking for?" dialogue in the other thread)

Just sayin'...

By Brad Gregory on 6 February 2011 · 08:11


Re: Viewer mail: underage pornography

I was redirected here form a link I clicked on from that site that was put up to find out the age that peolple are looking up right now,and I just wanted to bring up a point about is kids looking up kids there age on the Internet. For nerds and kind of nice guy (like i consider myself) are not going to take and desperate measures to see a girl nude, where as other kids are. By taking away the access once had you are indirectly forceing kids to "have" to get together to see the other sex nude and feel such a hormone rush. Some of that data might be like me kids searching kids there age.The reason it so high at 13 could be because that is the time when kids are defenantly haveing sexual desires and are not yet free enough to get out of the house but with 14 being close to practice license 15 being so close to a drivers license parents are give more freedom giving the kids other means of get that sexual fulfillment as well other means to consume there time. I am 14 by the way, and when I say it and watch kids my age and listen to kids my age I know how young that is and I am guilty that I am breaking the law to satisfy my own desires, sometimes to help me with depression caused by lack of social skills but I just tell my self to move on it small problems to a grow up so such it up, I know I am always trying to act older than I am and I should apply that to my Internet use as well and not look at porn but all I want is to see what a girl my age naked looks like. Why can't they just give us a small page to take home and look over i pivate with naked pictures of kids our age and crop of the head so all we see it the body. That would help a lot with this stuff. Hand jobs, blow jobs, and sex can spread STDs but masterbating can't so why not allow that. It's affect is way better than the affect of the alternative. I figured I just give you a ignorant child's point of view please tell me the reasons that my way is so bad if it helps prevent the alternative.

By Desperatetoinform on 25 October 2012 · 17:06