There is a difference between misogyny and criticism

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Saying anything but the most minimal make-up makes women look like clowns is not comparable to saying vaginas are the primary cause of evil in the world.

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Tide Watcher

Re: There is a difference between misogyny and criticism

Misogyny has recently become a statistical concept. Now it's so easy to be frustrated with, or, as you say, be critical of an average woman -- because the average woman strives to keep us frustrated. Forget average -- make it "most women". The evil thing about women is how hopelessly unreachable they have become. Paint your face or dye your hair, and you're out of my mating pool. Pierce your tongue, get a tattoo or implants, and you're out of my mating pool forever. Same if you smoke or are religious, talk trash, or if you're ugly even without any self-inflicted "enhancements".

I find it absolutely evil that with billions of women on the planet, my mating pool is all but empty. If that's not evil, I don't know what is.

Women making themselves repulsive may just be the mechanism I always wondered about, whereby mega-cities limit their population's growth -- and not only their own population's -- being such poweful attractors, they serve as sinks to masses of newcomers, turning them into woman-clowns and misogynists unable to mate.

Yes, in principle there is a difference between misogyny and the sad observation that most women enjoy rendering themselves worthless, but statistically there's none. Not being a misogynyst in principle, I am still left with an empty mating pool.

By Tide Watcher on 8 August 2009 · 07:04

A is A

Re^2: There is a difference between misogyny and criticism

I think you’ve hit an obvious but overlooked distinction. It’s easy for a man to either despise or just generally ignore most other men. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met a guy who I thought I’d like to hang out with and be friends but he did something horrible—racist remarks, bragged about stealing at work, referred to women as vag—and I can’t even stand to be around the guy afterward. It’s easy, if a bit sad, I don’t need anything from men. Biologically. If I shut one out, ignore him, express disgust for his views and choices, it doesn’t make me a misandrist. Not even when I generalize it out to say I find many if not most men despicable, shallow, and stupid after getting to know them at all.

Now try this: I find most women despicable, shallow, and stupid. I’m a monster for the exact same sentiment that was previously just cynical and grouchy because I called out the other team instead of picking on my own.

Heterosexual men have a biological imperative for female company. Mix that with complex society, high standards, etc, etc, and you get frustration, hurt feelings, and loneliness which often manifest as anger. Completely natural. Not particularly happy.

There are plenty amazing women and men out there though and plenty who can be if given just the smallest sign that it’s worth it to try.

By A is A on 8 August 2009 · 10:10