Toss that salad! Toss it!

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Alicia Mayer for PETA

I’m not a fan, though was once a donor, of PETA. While the idea is wonderful, they’re crackpots who want to liberate the honey bees from their horrific servitude to man. Way to maintain credibility. I was just shooting for better oversight on humane slaughter practices and maybe an end to the seemingly unending, and certainly unscientific, product testing on animals.

Bees, man. Bees. They live like 100 days if they totally luck out and they only live to make honey… Do these people even know that yogurt is full of live creatures? That mowing a big lawn kills thousands of animals? That owning a house cat you let outdoors makes you a sort of suburban Dr Mengele to your local songbirds?

Still, they deserve a link back for the photo.

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Re: Toss that salad! Toss it!

Regarding the pet feline comment, Penn & Teller's PETA episode of Bullshit suggested that PETA is also opposed to all pet ownership, as it's nothing more than animal slavery.

By Eric on 1 March 2007 · 06:57

A is A

Re: Toss that salad! Toss it!

That sounds right. I almost subscribed to Showtime just for their show. I’ve only seen one episode.

By A is A on 1 March 2007 · 12:08