Mr. Deity

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Mr. Deity. Smart and smartly done. Go watch them all.

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chris holmes

Re: Mr. Diety

damn - the satirical mis-spelling of deity to diety goes over my head.

By chris holmes on 13 March 2007 · 11:02

A is A

Re: Mr. Deity

Ho-ho-ho! You are far too faithful. It was just me being stupid and doing a post from an older computer lacking the spell check I rely upon with form fields.

Now corrected. For whatever value my word hoard may have, my math SAT score was quite a bit higher than my English exclusively due to my horrific spelling.

By A is A on 13 March 2007 · 11:24


Re: Mr. Deity

Hahahaha thanks for that. I watched all of them (they were like wheats thins -- i just couldn't stop myself). I like their FAQ too:

If Jesus was with the me whole time, why is there only one set of footprints?

Okay, he wasn't really with you. He wanted to be, but our meeting ran late, and... well, there was traffic... You know how it goes. We all have the best of intentions.

By Jen on 13 March 2007 · 13:58

A is A

Re: Mr. Deity

Sure thing. They have just really nice production and timing too. I keep meaning to write a piece about it; that this is where [adult swim] should be looking for programming. Um, maybe I better shut up before I write the whole piece here.

By A is A on 14 March 2007 · 21:52