This week in the nothing in particular

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

OnStar is stopping cars for cops now. The first time someone at OnStar presses the button to stop a car not because the car was stolen but because the owner had an ounce of pot and the cops proceed to shoot the person to death… I wonder what that person will feel. My prediction: a sense of a job well done.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. Evolution is not a process of improvement or even refinement. Animals don’t get better. They survive and get different. This through brute force experiments and dice games. It’s not possible to know what will work until it’s tried. What will work is not what will last. We don’t get better. We aren’t improving. We’re at a strange cusp being aware of evolution. Well, 60-some% aware in this backwater anyway. Most species go extinct. We will too. By the clock or by human hands there is no other outcome possible.

I make a lot more money now than I did in my first 23 years of employment. I liked being poor. Making money is a bit stressful. I don’t think I can go back to being a poor, small business, artist, musician chump though. A 25 year-old who lives in a duplex garage and eats at the whim of friends can be romantic, authentic, et cetera. Being a 40 year-old in the same state would rather make one feel like a failure.

Someone hanged a census worker in rural Kentucky. This is the first item in the news in the last year I would actually describe as authentic Americana.

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