Questions from the chalkboard #3

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sedition, so how do you decide who takes over once you move on/pass on/meet the choir? Is there a lengthy application process? :D

Sedition · The site allows for future publish dates and I started a post that says, “If you’re reading this, I’m dead.” And set it ahead. Not set to publish though. It’s still “draft” status. Never finished it. Too many things to say without the time, technique, or intoxicant to commit.

I’m working on a total redraft of the site software—Yesh—demo site, which may or may not be running, at Half the motivation for rewriting Yesh and making it public is to be able to support multiple authors. We’ll see if I can ever finish the damn thing. Then maybe it’ll be time to go Huffington all up on it, as the kids say, and let the Colosseum have their circus and eat it.

Strangely enough I was recently introduced to the owner of who may be looking to cede the domain to the right person. I understand the individual was offered a lot of money by a church or two for the it and refused to sell. Makes one a bit less lonely, that.

My line has good longevity. Even the ones who drank a lot more than I and smoked, which I don’t, beat the averages with headroom so I may not be gone for a few decades yet. Sedition·com is paid up through 2016 currently. The 11th anniversary was exactly one week ago. Shows how well I’m paying attention. Eleven years. Old.

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