Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Avatar: Fantasy for Blue Folk

I just watched another trailer for Avatar. What a revolting fantasy. Not that a technologically inferior indigenous race could stand up to the guns of the takers but that any of the takers would give a ripe fuck.

I’ll probably love this movie. I’ll probably cry when I watch it. It won’t be for the Apache or Lakota or Cherokee or Cheyenne or any of them. Those tears are spent. It will be because it is such a disgusting self-delusion. Not that their ilk can stand up—obviously they can—but because it’s ludicrous to present any of the bad guys as caring beings.

Red, White, or Blue, you don’t care. Four hundred years on and you’re still the bad guys. Those of you jerking-off to the fantasy that you’re not are the worst of all.

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Re: Avatar

sure cg animation is getting better, but it isn't that good. all these movies that are so laden with cg effects end up looking like video game cut scenes to me. lord of the rings has done the best at blending live action and cg, but even so, it had that one horrible scene where the blond guy ran up the elephant. yes i realize this comment doesn't have anything to do with anything.

By Montag on 4 November 2009 · 04:54
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A is A

Re^2: Avatar

But she looks like Rena Owens.

By A is A on 4 November 2009 · 07:01
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