Al Sharpton: Go and Tell Tecumseh

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Dear Minister Sharpton,

Some of my ancestors were slaves too. I’m white as gypsum sand. The word “slave” derives from the Romans’ preferred stock for the role, eastern Europeans, Slavs. You might also take a second to consider that in parts of the US killing a slave was legally murder but in Scandinavia’s heyday killing a slave was nothing more than a fine.

You can imagine how horrified I am to learn that my great-greats may have been slaves who were murdered for the cost of a goat. Maybe you can’t because I’m not. Aside from some curiosities of DNA it had nothing to do with me at all.

You know, Al, you shouldn’t have gone to the trouble of doing the genealogy. An astute reviewer had already discovered and written about your connection to Strom Thurmond back in 1999.

Al Sharpton and Strom Thurmond

And the next time you get itchy for slavery reparations I’d love to hear how eager you are to return your property to the Lenape who not only made some decent slaves but were also forced to donate the property on which you live.

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