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Monday, 9 November 2009

Nice, electing there, killer.

Tonight, after months of conferences with top advisors, President Obama has settled on a new strategy for Afghanistan. CBS News correspondent David Martin reports that the president will send a lot more troops and plans to keep a large force there, long term.

I hate to sound like a dick but I told you so.

Where You at Rock

And the new jokes will start something like: What do the USSR and the USA have in common? I promise it’ll be funny after we’ve been in Afghanistan for 10 or so years. More where that came from. Sorry, from where that came. Jesus, how about some friends instead?

Incidentally, Ayn and I had some disagreements about the price of tea oil in China shops but she stood me fine.

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Re: Kid Rock quotes for all ocassions

RE: Afghanistan, I don't think it's possible to find a more easily learned historical lesson on the race to the bottom. This one has the same meretricious way stations and the road markers are, if anything, more easily seen. Even the slogans are the same, with some minor tweaks for marketing purposes.

What's funny is the Soviets had much better rhetoric.

By Vagrant on 29 November 2009 · 07:44
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