Helper method for WWW::Selenium

Helper, especially for Ajax. Most Selenium wrappers implement this hook. Perl hasn’t caught up yet.

    package WWW::Selenium;
    sub wait_for_element_present {
       my $self = shift;
       $self->do_command("waitForElementPresent", @_);

(Update: this is already in the package! That’s what I get for not trying it before assuming it wasn’t available.)

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Luke Closs

Re: Helper method for WWW::Selenium

WWW::Selenium already has ->wait_for_element_present().

Is there something I'm missing? Patches warmly accepted.

By Luke Closs on 9 December 2009 · 00:14

A is A

Re^2: Helper method for WWW::Selenium

No, it was just me making a bad assumption. Thank you so much for letting me know and for putting together such and awesome package.

It’s a pretty important method for testing Ajax stuff so maybe it could go in the Pod?

By A is A on 9 December 2009 · 08:32