This week in the news #54.1

Friday, 18 December 2009

$57,077.60 Per Minute

Anti-War is pointing out that the cost of nothing but the Afghan surge we’re currently ramping up is $57,077.60 per minute.

And, to chime in with a bit of our own math–

If you take the numbers as gospel—which we don’t, they are too low by half in our view—the cost of the wars that we aren’t giving up any time soon is $224,743 per minute. That’s a cool quarter million dollars each and every minute of of the last eight years.

That’s horrible but none’a y’all care or we wouldn’t be in this mess. So let’s tabloid it.

If the new gossip is true that Elin Nordegren will not seek $300 million but $500, a cool half-billion dollars, then this piece—Just a few words about the impending former Mrs Tiger Woods –or– Winningest—needs an update.

It makes Ms Nordegren’s time worth $261,500 per night which, while far short of $57K per minute, puts her in the range of $250 per minute (we’re not going to pay her to sleep!).

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Re: This week in the news #54.1

at those rates maybe you hire a fluffer to get things started before your 1 minute.

as to the war figures there's this post of my own that i'll blogwhore here for $0/minute:

send my regards to Elin.

By Montag on 18 December 2009 · 19:22