New Year’s resolutions, 2010 edition

Thursday, 7 January 2010

  1. Give up writing on Sedition·com for six months to focus on publishing projects with An Elektrum Press.
  2. Finish every essay of the year with a sentence that ends “…because terrorism.”
  3. Only use song lyrics to make comments on blogs.
  4. Stop eating fried kittens. Try to stick with poached.
  5. Lose 96,300 pounds around my D.C. area.
  6. Make my humor less opaque.
  7. Read everything James Joyce wrote while I’m on clomipramine.
  8. Get a new tattoo reading either “return to sender” or “enlarged to show quality.”
  9. Finish a list of 10 resolutions before the first of the year because terrorism.
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