Fuck NBC, fuck Jeff Zucker, fuck Jay Leno, and then there’s Conan O’Brien

Monday, 25 January 2010

In continuing affirmation of my rediscovered love for the f-word let’s sum up.

Leno has always been a prick. His stand-up was mediocre. His interviewing skills are atrocious. He had few friends before. He has fewer now. The sentimentality for Johny Carson—a man who could interview a head of lettuce and make it come across as an interesting guest—is a generation lost. There is no loyalty in the wishy-washy goo that is the Lost Generation, just a lowing for the unnameable comforts of post WW II white America.

NBC is a television network. Television networks encapsulate everything that’s bad about business and soak it in everything that’s bad about politics. Jeff Zucker is just another goddamn dirty TV executive whose career defining achievement was copying MTV for the Today show.

Conan O’Brien… I have nothing bad to say about him really though I’m not a fan. Let’s listen to what a fan says of him.

“He’s just generally a likeable guy,” said Lesley Vamous, a fan from Australia. “I think that’s why I like him and I watch him. He seems like an approachable guy, and most of the things he does are kind of funny.”

AP, O’Brien thanks fans, NBC on final “Tonight” show

A generally likeable guy. Kind of funny. Forty-five million dollars.

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