In regards to the verb conjugational errors of Gerry North, “chairman” of the “NRC” “Report” on Surface Temperature Reconstructions

Friday, 29 January 2010

As related in Climate Audit’s The WWF and the EPA Endangerment Finding

This lack of due diligence is not limited to IPCC. Gerry North, chairman of the NRC Report on Surface Temperature Reconstructions, (which is cited in the EPA Technical Support Document) stated in a seminar at his university that they “didn’t do any research,” that they got 12 “people around the table” and “just kind of winged it.” He said “that’s what you do in that kind of expert panel.”

There is audio to confirm that is the actual description Msr North gave of peer review procedures in climate science. That aside I just want to point out that the verb construction is not “just kind of winged it.” Properly it is “just kind of wang it.”

And now we have all learned something.

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