You and your health care v me and my monkey

Sunday, 14 March 2010

This headline from Reuters–

Salt reduction could save 92,000 U.S. lives a year

Government run health care will necessarily become worse than private health care because you cannot eliminate the concerns. Simple, goofy things like less dietary salt are a perfect example.

This is your brain on popular sentiment

When an insurance company for profit is taking care of policies and setting the rules, the outcome is simple. They ask if you smoke and what your weight is, were your parents circus midgets with missing digits, and so on and so forth and they determine the cost risk of insuring your health and care. If it’s too high, you can either look for cheaper, buy less coverage, or change your habits to improve your options. In the case when you are deemed impossible to cover, charity and fundraisers and drug trials come into it.

If the government—which has no recognizable responsibility to anyone and has consistently lost tremendously more than the money it gets for free from its citizens’ commerce—is in setting the rules, they don’t charge extra or deny coverage to those who eat too much salt, or smoke, or drink more than a glass of wine a day, or eat doughnuts, or use hydrogenated oil instead of butter to bake, or… These things will merely become illegal.

If you think this isn’t exactly what would happen, you’re not reading the news. It already is happening. Smoking is semi-legal at this point. Trans-fats are illegal in restaurant food in New York City and other cities are on the bandwagon. And this week, I excrement you not, New York state assemblyman Felix Ortiz put forward legislation that would make salt illegal in New York restaurant cooking. I started this article with the Salt reduction could save 92,000 U.S. lives a year quote exactly a month ago. Call me Cassie and lose my number.

Fuck you all, seriously. Fuck you, “Left” America, you cognitive-dissonant, atrophied wastes of the coal and oil burned to keep your asses warm and dry all winter. What is so wonderful about your lives that you’re willing to do this to the rest of us for the illusion of prolonging it all for a piddling single digit percentage? I’ll tell you what. Nothing. Which one imagines is why death scares you so much more than it seems to scare those of us living closer to the soil.

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