This week in the news #59

Monday, 1 March 2010

Obama signs one-year extension of Patriot Act

To quote the 118th incarnation of the Great Whore: How’s that hopey, changey stuff working out for ya’?


Someone brought this to my attention today: To calm everyone down and show that the government isn’t our enemy but our partner and we can work with them to solve everything.

Someone could—and I guarantee will—start several websites dedicated to addressing everything that is wrong with that idea. Far be it from me to stop them but let’s give an executive summary for you, hoi polloi, the actual executives in this Roman remix.

  • Though home to less than 5% of the world’s population the US holds 25% of the world’s prisoners. United States incarceration rate
  • The War on Drugs.
  • Warrantless phone and email surveillance.
  • Suspension of habeas corpus.
  • Hiibel v Nevada.
  • Secret prisons and dozens—perhaps hundreds—tortured to death.
  • All of it is always worse than you know because you only read partisan friendly Anglo news.
  • The two candidates who made it to the presidential election for the biggest parties both promised war and more of it. A record number of civilians are being killed in Afghanistan and now a record number of US servicemen too. The Republicans and the Democrats both had one anti-war candidate in the primaries.

You have been working with the government all along. Now you have YAPG to grease its skids. You’re not tools anymore. You’re yapping dogs begging for table scraps no matter how gruesome or vile.

The only shock involved in the poll is that a plurality is beginning to recognize reality. A plurality being entirely useless in the situation only makes it more delicious.

Marie Osmond’s son dies in Los Angeles

Koenig’s son this week too. There is this lurking assertion of slow-motion immolation. Americans raising kids to be nothing in particular against a backdrop of success. This panamerican success. Suicide rates higher here than 99% of the world and highest among upper and middle class whites.

Raise your kids to be something. Give them values. Don’t validate the contradictions barraging them by silence or tolerance. Real, physical mental illness is every bit as rare as any physical defect. The perennials you grow are product, not birth marks.

Man angry at IRS crashes plane into building

Guess we know who wears the pants in the tax protest world.

Do you see though? You’re gonna say, “He was just crazy.” Well, what would you die for? Nothing, I think. You’d be a Torry back in the day trying alternatingly to calm everyone down and to castigate them for being insane.

Do I personally think this was the right move…? No. But you just have to accept that at some point no government employee of any rank or position or department is going to be able to call him or herself innocent.

Obama signs one-year extension of Patriot Act

No, I’m not getting senile. I’m saying it again because you think the Democrats are different from the Republicans. Amazing really.

Former VP Cheney hospitalized, resting comfortably

Cheney has a history of heart problems…


And that shall, Allah willing, be the title of his posthumous biography of 2011.

Few Professionals Keep Current

Present company and climatologists excepted, of course.

Whale kills trainer as horrified spectators watch

Well, that just about evens things up then, I guess.

Føroyingar showing how traditional they are Japanese showing how modern and enlightened they are

Buzz and bullets: Gun fans cheer Starbucks’ policy

I almost never buy coffee at Starbucks because it’s really alarming how much money you can drop on coffee in a year if you do—and I used to. After hearing this news, I will be buying a Starbucks coffee in the morning and I might just make it a Monday ritual.

Obama signs one-year extension of Patriot Act

Do you really, honest to God, not get it?

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Re: This week in the news #59

RE: the Patriot Act, people do love their little binary narratives (all the cool kids are calling social pathologies "narratives" these days). It's hard for them to consider the possibility an ad hominem justification can be every bit as fallacious as an ad hominem refutation.

I blame their mommies and their daddies. If mommy and daddy had only told them, "just because Pookie jumps off the bridge when Drippy says it's fun, doesn't make it okay for you, little Squeaker, to jump off the bridge too." Failing that, mommy and daddy could have pushed them off the bridge themselves and saved us all a world of trouble.

By Vagrant on 2 March 2010 · 10:20