Recycled QWA: how come some people are smarter than others

Thursday, 25 February 2010

how come some people are smarter than others

As much as this topic comes up, I never get tired of swinging at it.

One reason is some people care one way or the other. I’m embarrassed when I’m wrong about something whether it’s a state capital, a movie quote, or how much a soda costs. I’m jealous when I hear someone talk about something I don’t understand and I crave to know more.

We read books with big titles that don’t tell stories. We read books from other countries that do tell stories. We are interested in history as told by everyone, not just the winners. We are skeptical and judgemental. We make choices like spelling “judgement” with two “e”s for a reason and not accidentally. We love life and learning is a part of it.

The happy grasshopper no more

A lot of you don’t care that you’re wrong all the time and don’t mind that you don’t know if Canada is north or south of the US. You don’t love life, you love the things that take you away from yourself; booze, sex, escape. That’s why you’re stupid and why you’ll be stupid through to the years that some real estate grafter or Televangelist huckster is draining the last whole dollar of your retirement funds.

You think ’cause you’re 22 and have a great pair of tits or you’re exceedingly popular with the 40 ounce porch set and have a quick left it’s gonna get you somewhere. Bask in the glory days when prettiness and youth are all that matter. They are fleeting, my little grasshoppers.

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