Take that, Bruce Sterling

Monday, 5 March 2007

Hobo porn. That’s all I’m saying.

Futurist, smuturist.

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chris holmes

Re: Take that, Bruce Sterling

Excellent use of 'futurist' and typical dry jab by El Seditio. If I was a slick barman and came up with the ultimo martini, I'd dub it 'Sedition' and only the cool would get it, but it would go into all those 'Best of ...' roundups of klass concoction. Much more important, i've just spotted that there are Devil's Dictionary coFFEHH mugs for sale. OMG, to quote the Spitfire, half the literate pals i grew up with cut our quote-teeth on Bierce. What a perfect gift for all occasions, and less damage to the wallet than trying to find those bootlegs of Huddie Ledbetter singing the best of Abba or that effeminatus Donovan singing "Tambourine Man" to his own words.

By chris holmes on 6 March 2007 · 10:04
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