The etymology of one Michie … M-a-l-k-i-n –or– Whence merkin?

Monday, 8 March 2010

Michelle M..kin

Proof Malkin exists, David All

While looking up the etymology—and I’d hoped some public domain photography worth shocking y’all—of the word merkin I discovered to my eternal sunshine that merkin is malkin–

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language the term [merkin] stems from a corruption of the obsolete word malkin, meaning a lower-class woman or mop…


It’s a shame Maglalang sounds like the name of a terrorist or she could go by her maiden name instead of a homonym for a vulva’s toupée or a female Dalit. It would, one imagines, be harder for her white friends to tolerate her in certain social situations. She’d get pulled aside for random checks at airports, ever. Though it would also make her introductions at conservative speaking engagements comedy bronze. It’s a shame y’all still haven’t sworn allegiance and put your swords at my feet, so to speak. You have no idea how much fun we’d all have if I were in charge.

Myself: You hate the pwogs more than she does. You’re just jealous. You’re hot for her. She’s totally your type and she wouldn’t pour a bedpan on you if you were on fire and cradling a box of Bibles.

Me: So?

Myself: Oh, well… Nicely turned.

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