Don’t be a dick –or– I mean, Jesus Christ, 黒沢 明 was a real person

Friday, 19 March 2010

Someone quoted Wil Wheaton around me recently and I suggested there was some better reading material available in the world which was countered with a Wheaton quote relating to online haters like, presumably, me–

“Don’t be a dick.”

Wil Wheaton

W to-the-I to-the-L to-the-L to-the-^H explains what led him to this populist summation of the netiquette wars—he regrets every instance of having been one.

I think he just needs practice. When you’re really very bad at something it isn’t fun and leads to regret when others catch you out.

Don’t be a dick is a fine piece of advice to give to a friend at a bar who is fucking with a waitress but as far as advice to strangers in regards to writing and online life, less so. A sincerely asocial, type-A, troll will bathe in it like a dog in stink and linger to make sure you know how much the friendly wisdom is appreciated. For everyone else a more germane packet of guidance would be, “don’t be trite.”

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