Thorazine is considered a dirty drug –or– “Troop deaths double in Afghanistan…”

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Wow, I like the inner conversations I spark within you(r) [site].
I think it's the longest one I've read. I look forward to when you make a longer one - novel length. Maybe that will ensure your survival for another 100 years of this pop pseudo-postmodern youth of baby attention spans. The next novel takes exclusively the form of a chat log.
How's that for a bit of walloni historical hypothesizing?

Maybe I am your only fan. I've been putting stuff on this chalkboard for the past year and a half and only a few handful of times have there been others that weren't mine.
I only wonder why not a lot of people know this site and why the ones I've shown it seem to hate it...
Sometimes I hate you too, but nobody's perfect ;)

On the chalkboard following Where we disagree with Ms. Rand

Sedition · well, we do average 5-8K visits per day which is very high for a single-non-famous-person blague. Only a small percent, six last we checked, are dedicated visitors who had been back several times. So there is an ever transforming core of a few hundred “fans” but most don’t participate. The comment system here is somewhat off-putting and restrictive—because we wrote it to never allow spam and it’s worked perfectly. The chalkboard is also unique to this site so most don’t even notice it or realize its use.

This site is extremely difficult to like as well. There’s no getting around that and ultimately we don’t care to try. That’s not what this place is.

Let’s walk through a fairly real example–

We write, Bill Clinton was a child-killing monster who did more to hurt blacks than the Klan. Zoom! A bunch of right-wing dipshits think, Wow, this place is da bomb!

Then we write, George W Bush was a child-killing monster who wasn’t Hitler but only because Hitler was a competent tyrant. Zoom! A bunch of left-wing dipshits think, Wow, this place is so on! The original right-wing fan is confused, insulted, disgusted, and wishes we would die.

Then we write that Islam is barbaric and insinuate Mohammed was on the receiving end of plenty Arab cock. Bam, we get back some of the crazier Right and lose most of what was Left.

Then we remind the remaining audience that Hitler was actually just a crazy failed artist when you take away the legions of mindless nationalists who gave him power. That plain human beings are the evil in the equation, not the dictators who merely ride their tide. And tack on the fact that Jesus probably didn’t exist and what he represents is a confused jumble of conflicting, anti-life—to quote the dead old lady—messages. Mix in a writing style that shambles from 4th grade summer vacation reporting to half-a-Finnegans-Wake.

Now, who’s still here?

A handful of weird, crazy, small-l libertarian or plain asocial types. What happens next? We post about kittehs or kids or Perl or something just plainly absurd. We alternate between profanity and pretty nature pictures. We support teh Gayz, da Chicks, and teh Foruners but only as long as they don’t sue anyone or bitch about being victims.

Dropping the editorial we, and the proper use of prepositions, for a moment—I am the easiest person in the world to be friends with. I don’t see color, religion, physical appearance, or anything like that when I talk with someone. I treat everyone as if I like him or her. Because I want to like everyone. I am one of the hardest persons in the world to be close to. I don’t accept anything untrue and I insist on personal responsibility as the only virtue besides. Any single page of this place is me being easy. All the pages of this place together is you getting close to me.

I’m reminded of snake charmers just now. And that I’ve actually written all this before: The secret of my lack of success.

The piece titled Careful with that I, Eugene –or– Why, let’s keep this between you and me which will post in a day or a few was written two weeks ago; if it ends up seeming significant to all this.

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Re: Thorazine is considered a dirty drug –or– “Troop deaths double in Afghanistan…”

It's a good place to be sui generis. Or at least try. Either way, no one comes out of it worse than they came in.

By Vagrant on 28 March 2010 · 20:22

A is A

Re^2: Thorazine is considered a dirty drug –or– “Troop deaths double in Afghanistan…”

I wonder what your Venn(s) would like…

On a doggier note. Never give a pooch Thorazine. I asked for Valium or ketamine to keep the girl from digging her way through the floor on a car trip. She gets too excited sometimes. They gave us Thorazine—Julie had to do the pick-up so I wasn’t there to argue about it or say the vet I used to work for would never do that—and I thought… Wow, really? Thorazine? Okay… And proceeded to give her much less than they recommended just to see how it would go.

On the reduced dose, she was a puddle of dog for 12 hours and I had to pick her up to get her in the car and clean her up from lying in her urine several times.

Why in the world would they give us this instead of one of the others? You know why already don’t you? Because terrorism.

The fucking drug war’s latest victim was my dog because vets are now presumably scared to prescribe anything a human might want to take. Fuck the animal.

I should have told the vet on the phone that Valium doesn’t do a fucking thing for me and after taking a horse’s ketamine in high school, I’d had my fill of that as well.

By A is A on 29 March 2010 · 07:41


Re^3: Thorazine is considered a dirty drug –or– “Troop deaths double in Afghanistan…”

They'd look like this, except more convoluted, with a little music and maybe some additional colors.

I have no doubt you're right on target. Poor dog. I wouldn't expect a tranquilizer to have such a dramatic effect. At a reduced dose, no less. And all because doctors of any stripe really are shit-scared of the DEA.

By Vagrant on 29 March 2010 · 15:06

A is A

The relevant “Venn” recovered

By A is A on 2 January 2011 · 00:12