Secrect messages out in the open #13

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Dear _____,

You were not the first student at Taos High to carry six honors classes. I was. I got straight-As that semester. I was also on independent study in English—because I said, “Isn’t this all a bit basic?” when Ms Gallegos outlined our curriculum on the first day of class—turning in 10–50 pages of writing a week. Same semester I was up till 3am most nights writing Stars End modules for us all to play on weekends.

It was weird you claimed to be the first but I figured it was just a simple mistake. Tonight I realized it could be because you think you’re smarter than I am. That’s really sad if true. It also seems to be a pretty good Occam’s cut at why you said some of the stupid shit you did and we haven’t been best friends since.

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