Dear American Progressive,

Monday, 12 April 2010

The next time you call a Tea Partier or a Libertarian insane, paranoid, anti-American et cetera please ask yourself this question–

Did you ever once say, intimate, or agree with the sentiment that George W Bush was going to attempt to violently hold the office of President at the end of his term?
¡Tee-baggerz iz teh insanez!

Because I sure remember a lot of you doing just that a couple years ago. You don’t sound any more reasonable without the foil; or by trying to pretend that overwhelming evil is still in command and forcing the heinous decisions your team is making every day.

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Re: Dear American Progressive,

The joke, really, is on the progressives. Remember when they were making fun of the lady who said, "keep your government hands off my Medicare"? Turns out the Obamacare miracle will be partly funded by pillaging Medicare.

By Vagrant on 12 April 2010 · 21:14
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