One of the problems with Tax Day

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tax protestors getting what they deserve.

…that doesn’t seem to get enough press.

We did our taxes this week. The original outcome of the casual entering of regular tax forms led to an $8,000 tax bill. After going through it with the donations, losses, full stock records, and business taxes we ended up with a refund of $40.

The $8,000 difference is brought to you by a tax code so wickedly intertwined, poorly illuminated, and figuratively Byzantine it had to be called sublevel K, section Gordium of the parking garage at Knossos.

How fair is that? That a casual misunderstanding or lack of initiative in getting TurboTax® or an H&R Block® rep or something can lead to an $8,000 whack on the ass. A system made of nothing but game; playing each of us to the level we’ve been allowed to rise to meet it.

See also: $20,585.

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