This week in the news #62, shortbus

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Better late than never one supposes. This one does by most measures.

YHOO, pretty as a picture… of a waterfall

Yahoo chief Carol Bartz sees trouble for Google

Carol Bartz took over the company from its founder Jerry Yang in 2009

Google will have “a problem” if it does not diversify its business, the head of Yahoo has told BBC News.

Carol Bartz said that Google would have to “do a lot more than search” and suggested that it would have to “grow a company the size of Yahoo every year.”

By Jonathan Fildes Technology reporter, BBC News

My reaction to this incisive analysis of what Google is and isn’t: Dump your Yahoo stocks and accounts immediately. They’ll be in the toilet by 2015 if Carol is still running the show.

Anyone who can’t see Google’s wild and wildly successful diversification does not belong in the tech industry in general and the Internet-side of things especially. If Yahoo disappeared, the world would continue to spin after a week of wobbling and hand-wringing. If Google disappeared… well, don’t think too much about how ingrown they’ve become because if you do, you’ll want to start passing laws and writing orders about it all.

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