[citation required] is an IQ test [citation required]

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A thing can be right or wrong. If wrong, it is to be corrected or removed. If right, there is a chain of information in support. The chain is often short or simple enough for anyone to recognize. The eagerness with which one tags a piece of information [citation required] is inversely proportional to one’s IQ.1

1 Alternately it is a litmus test for how anally retentive you are and how little you think of your fellow human. As Will Rogers wouldn’t have said: I never met a man I didn’t think was a complete idiot.

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Re: [citation required] is an IQ test [citation required]

No, ol' Will wouldn't have said it, but your grandfather mighta...

By mom on 19 May 2010 · 14:38
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