Giving to evade

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Though we kicked Jason Kottke to the curb not so long ago he brings something up which deserves a bit of the old Scarlet Macaw.

(RED) == (RIP)

…despite having spent as much as a reported $100 million on advertising and promotion, the (RED) campaign has raised only $18 million to fight AIDS in Africa. Spending to save

So, you get to practice conspicuous, make that vacuous, consumerism and pretend you helped AIDS victims in Africa when in fact you’ve only helped a few corporations and Bono(bo) take an even bigger tax write-off while flushing $80 million down the hole known as public service advertising.

Seems like a false economy. Maybe they’re going for scale; volume dealership. If they can just get enough Africans dying, they’ll be able to help a few.

The HIV problem in Africa could indeed be reduced to the levels the West suffers but it won’t. The obstacle is not cheap drugs or lack of guilt money. The problem—besides pure politics, infrastructure, literacy, and the rest of the sub-Saharan manifest—is monumental dickweeds like Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki, the president of South Africa, who continue to say things like HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, condoms can’t prevent it, and therefore the anti-viral drugs used to combat it are useless and poisonous.

Oh, and also the Catholic church. You want to take a bite out of AIDS (ewww…)? Take a brick home with you the next time you visit the Vatican.

[You know, it just occurs to me that if every sperm is sacred, that would make me both a mass murdering maniac and a hollocaust denier.]

You want to save the world? Turn your thermostat down a couple degrees, don’t eat out so much, don’t litter, be nice to your neighbors. Once you master that maybe you can tackle Africa.

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