Wowzers… New back-end without cosmetic surgery

Thursday, 13 May 2010


This won’t mean anything to anyone—so obviously the best place for it is on the Interwebs—but I just moved the site from DreamHost to Linode. Some stuff to clean-up still but so far, woo-woo!

Update, 15 May, notes going forward–

Quantcast: 25,150 US rank.

Fixed all the outstanding UTF-8 issues. Almost all of which were due to having a locale which messed with mysql. I feel this is mysql’s bad and frankly I’m kind of pissed off it took me three years to get to the bottom of it (which isn’t to say I was working on it that long but that I’d hacked a solution in place and been unable to see why it was necessary). Template ForceUTF8 and a few other hacks got the site through in the interim. Fix: set the default charset to latin-1 to override the environment issues and let the utf-8 bubble up appropriately.

With some casual ab tests and some cache changes it looks like the site can put out 25 dynamic requests per second, per fastcgi process, and something like 200 per second of static stuff without trouble. This is several million requests per day. So, bumping the Linode subscription to the next level or two would probably enable us to survive a sustained slashdotting. Add in memcached and some nginx tweaks and this little place could probably handle tens of millions of requests per day. Not like it would happen but it’s all a bit awe inspiring.

I had no idea how pervasive the server errors were on DreamHost. Apparently 500-800 of the day’s requests (edging up on 10%) were errorring out. Lame.

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