Britney symmetry, a study

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Britney symmetry

a) actual face
b) left-side forced symmetry
c) right-side forced symmetry
d) skew corrected

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Re: Britney symmetry, a study

What's skew corrected? I don't see any difference between it and the original...

By Jen on 10 March 2007 · 10:38

A is A

Re: Britney symmetry, a study

Faces are actually really hard to see symmetrical problems with. I probably shouldn’t have done it to her either because someday someone will do it to me. One of my eyes is quite a bit lower than the other but you’d never notice until I tell you. Shannen Doherty is an example of someone it’s easier to notice on but most people still probably don’t.

Look at the skew box, it’s tilted to the right a few degrees, just like ITALIC letters. Her head/face kind of tilts to the left but again, you wouldn’t notice unless you put a line through a picture of her and see where it points.

By A is A on 10 March 2007 · 11:27

A is A

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By A is A on 12 March 2007 · 12:26