Recycled QWA: Do It Yourself: Hymenectomy Procedure

Monday, 21 June 2010

hymenectomy procedure

Do It Yourself: hymenectomy procedure

Do It Yourself: Hymenectomy Procedure

Apply in order:

  1. anesthetic
  2. lubricant
  3. metal probe
  4. mallet

For the love of the impenetrable Virgin DO NOT really do this yourself. Get help. A good angle with the mallet can be quite difficult otherwise.

Me: Do I have to watch you every second?

Myself: Well, it can be difficult. You should try it.

Me: You’re gonna get us sued.

Myself: Ha-‌ha-‌ha-‌ha-‌ha-‌ha-‌ha-‌ha! See you can be funny. What’ll they take I wonder? The mortgage? The back property taxes? The IRS bills? The collection of B-‌grade fossils and electric guitars? Oh, ha-‌ha-‌ha-‌ha.

Me: Shut up.

Myself: You could sell it all and still be peering over the edge of the hole you’ve dug trying to become human!

Me: Fine. I’m out of here.

Myself: You’ll be back.

Me: Not any time soon I won’t.

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