Capo di tutti capi trick –or– Toy Story > The Godfather

Friday, 18 June 2010

As noticed earlier in the evening by my Ayurvedic urine therapy massage masseur, Mujib “Andrew” W.K.–

Can you imagine such a thing? Three 100% ratings in a film series? Did the last three Bond films even add up to 100%?

Toy Story 3: 100%

But surely the greatest movies of all time can save us from this high-spirited, light-weight child-play… Oh…

The Godfather: 100%

The Godfather, part 2: 99%

The Godfather, part 3: 66%

We won’t be doing the Harry Potter films as my Filipina release therapy masseuse, M. Maglalang, assures me that one or two didn’t get 100%.

PS: DreamWorks, I hate you more all the time.

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