This panic in the news: “Scrambled jets cause sonic booms in Puget Sound-area”

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Maybe the single barrel Kentucky is a bad mixer for the news but… A small plane was landing on one of the lakes when Air Force One was flying. Small planes land and take off from the lakes here in fair weather constantly.

Get this gem–

There is no system for notifying private pilots about airspace restrictions. It’s incumbent upon them to check to see if restrictions are in place.

I heard the sonic booms at work and didn’t like it one bit. It didn’t rattle the glass the way I’m used to from growing up in ’Burque so the sound really came off more like a couple of extremely powerful, slightly distant explosions. Since I wasn’t the only one who thought exactly the same thing, this led to–

911 call centers overloaded

Emergency agencies across Western Washington were flooded with calls from people who heard and felt a double boom about 1:50 p.m.

Wonder how much time and money this wasted. JK, LOL! The plane—its pilot and passenger—was met, a bit after landing, by the Secret Service.

Once they landed, Dailey and Joseph were interviewed by the Secret Service. The Secret Service then spent about 90 minutes checking out the plane.

–because the Secret Service are a bunch of fucking morons. And maybe because they were tossing the plane looking for drugs or something else so they could make the ridiculous overreaction seem somehow fortuitous. Well, maybe it wasn’t terrorists, this time, but, hey, look! Pot!

Besides all the wasted money here let’s note that they scrambled jets from Portland, not one of the local bases. I wonder if perhaps this was because they feared local pilots would be unwilling to shoot down a plane over Seattle or King County, potentially killing family, et cetera. Good thinking! The point being that the fighters got here after the little plane landed. So if this had been an actual emergency, and not another jaundiced threat level, the POTUS and the city would have been shit out of luck.

Go USA. Next time don’t forget the American proverb: You can’t unscramble scrambled jets.

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Re: This panic in the news: “Scrambled jets cause sonic booms in Puget Sound-area”

I like your acronym. It works so much better.

Now let me see. This was the bull goose dude from the party that ridicules the other party for its peckerwood ways, its self-importance, stupidity and incompetence. And their reaction to the "crisis" was different from peckerwood stupidity, incompetence etc. etc. in what way? Why bless my soul, it was different in no way at all.

By Vagrant on 18 August 2010 · 18:36

A is A

Re^2: This panic in the news: “Scrambled jets cause sonic booms in Puget Sound-area”

I’m glad I go to the trouble of the abbr and acronym tags now. :) We aim to be institutionally accurate in case we’re ever cited by the New York Times article that begins: A troubled hacker from Seattle today made good on what he’d been threatening on his blog for 15 years…

By A is A on 18 August 2010 · 18:56