In defense of Hitler

Thursday, 25 November 2010

We do go on about what evils are perpetrated against mankind by men. Something rarely asked is: Do we deserve it?

You don’t ask it—you can’t—because it’s fundamentally, categorically offensive. Fundamentally and categorically offensive if you don’t consider the answer might be, “Yes.” Then it really becomes an important question and the catalog of abdication becomes instead something about which you really ought to be thinking.

In defense of Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, and every dictator, murderer, rapist, pet torturer, arsonist, and country singer I offer Kasey Locksworth. Now, let us not hear too much about the suffering of the innocent again.

And yes, yes, yes. I hear you. She is so bad that perhaps she is a front, a gag, a satire too deadpan and authentic to serve a purpose. I readily admit, even hope, she is fake. But what isn’t fake is ”five persons like this.” You’re not all in on it if there is an it to be in on. It’s not just Kasey who exonerates all evil ever done and erradicates the notion of innocence.

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