Fair is fair

Monday, 1 November 2010

Let us forever put to bed the notion that—regardless of the tooth and claw, the sting and harsh, the sink and sinkers—I am anything but The Most Fair Organism Currently Operating at a Marginal Carbon Deficit on this Wobbly and Accidental Marble.

For the record: this wasn’t staged. I had just finished the new search backend and was actually curious if it shook out “right.”

Fair is fair

Now, call me blue. Call me stupid. Call me late for dinner. Call me what you would. You know you would. But call me unfair? I’ll fucking kill you, you Yid bastard.

Me: What is…? I… God!

Myself: Jes? Well, they can call me violent too. More accurate than the rest.

Me: No.

Myself: Oh, TEH JOOSE?

Me: Yes!

Myself: Check yourself, gringo. Towelhead and kike are at parity too discounting the DDX. I never doubted your fairness for a second.

Me: I don’t want you on my side.

Myself: And thus we arrive at the present and ever situation. You, unable to accept yourself.

Me: No, no, no. Easy. Easy. Puns aren’t content. Feeling, considering, a thing isn’t being a thing.

Myself: Oh, my God. …That was weird. I got a little light headed there…

Me: Like you were about to disappear?

Myself: No. Like you were. I’d miss you. Then again, you are my fear of success so it probably wouldn’t hurt for long.

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