This is just the beginning of the I-told-you-sos

Friday, 19 November 2010

Via My Modern Metropolis, Public Installation of Startling Statistics.

US Soldiers 2009, killed in Iraq: 149; committed suicide: 304

Seriously… what do you people think war does to a person, even a person who escapes physically intact? Do you really not understand we just trained 1.6 million Americans to regard any even slightly alien human life as an impediment to getting their jobs done and now they’re home for the next 40 years of their lives trying to cope with what they saw or did. Three hundred thousand of them with post traumatic stress disorder or severe depression.

If you know one of these men, help him get help. If you don’t… enjoy your holiday shopping in the crowds that consider a bumper sticker a satisfactory measure of support. Not all of the next 304 are going to be taking their curtain calls in private.

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