Judge John D Bates, recognizable patriot

Friday, 10 December 2010

Judge John D Bates, American Patriot

To be sure, this Court recognizes the somewhat unsettling nature of its conclusion — that there are circumstances in which the Executive’s unilateral decision to kill a U.S. citizen overseas is constitutionally committed to the political branches and judicially unreviewable.

Via Chumpfish.

In case you are having trouble connecting the dots. There is increasing legal weight for the President, this one, the next and ever after, having the right to kill anyone—at his or her discretion, without review or approval, US citizen or not—determined to be an enemy of the United States. There is, keep drawing, a wide latitude for the President, this one, the next and ever after to pick what comprises an enemy of the United States out of a hat of his or her choosing: NSPD 51 ¶ HSPD-20.

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