Renewing themes in your lives

Friday, 31 December 2010

You know what cropped up a lot in the blogosphere at the end of 2008? Thank God, it’s over. Worst year ever. And then last New Year’s? Goodbye 2009, good riddance. And what is appearing in the blogosphere this New Year’s? You wanna know why everyone is collectively disinterested in New Years Eve? ¶ Because fuck 2010, that’s why.

Well, the last one is a good line. It’s sad when good writers can make ugly things pretty.

If you could own everything bad that you think this … well, I mean, it’s a time span, it can’t even be properly anthropomorphized or imbued with any sort of serious anima. It’s a year. Its boundaries entirely arbitrary. The comprising events—even catastrophes and accidents—ordinary and well within expectations. And it’s gone. What switch flips tonight? What did this nebulous concept called 2010 do to you that you had no role in engineering yourself? Ultimately, what is that abdication going to buy you but another round of the same, this time a year less young?

Actually I will admit to liking 1992 pretty well. It at least would hold your hair back for you while you were barfing.

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