What I want from fans –or– Ayn Rand paraphrased again –or– “…it’s abnormal to feel so strongly about anything.”

Saturday, 1 January 2011

“But hell! That’s not the way to look at it. That’s not the whole picture. There’s some good in the worst fan. There’s always a redeeming feature.”

“So much the worse. Is it inspiring to see a reader post an amazing comment, and then learn that he goes to 4chan for relaxation? Or see a fan who’s done a magnificent blog post on his own site—and learn that he spends his time sock-puppeteering and trolling?”

“What do you want? Perfection?”

“–or nothing. So, you see, I take the nothing.”

With apologies to Leonard Peikoff. Specifically, we’re sorry to hear you’re still alive.

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