Sedition·com 2011 New Year’s resolutions

Saturday, 1 January 2011

  1. Learn Spanish.
    Get some tamales and a relleno.
  2. Have sex 300 times this year.
    Have sex 300 times before I die.
  3. Publish a book under our resurrected Elektrum Press signet.
    Read a book.
  4. Lose 15 pounds by getting back to basic exercise and some martial arts.
    Eat some cake.
  5. Volunteer with the local literacy program.
    Stop referring to people who can’t read as “the Democrat base.”
  6. Fix up the house and yard.
    Let the hedges grow and stop having company so no one notices the state of the house and yard.
  7. Save money for the kids’ college fund.
    Not “borrow” money from the kids’ savings accounts.
  8. Pledge to not use any racial epithets on Sedition·com, not even in jest.
    Well… not during رمضان or ראש השנה‎ .
  9. Get back to being serious about photography and painting.
    Write David Doubilet a fan letter.
  10. Write at least 50,000 words worth of new fiction with a focus on Untitled America.
    Surf 50,000 web pages with a focus on Suicide Girls.
  11. Learn a new programming language.
    Add a new programming language to my résumé.
  12. Become more active in the local and online libertarian/minarchist anti-war scene.
    Not shoot a senator. To death.
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