Sedition·com (mature content)

the well considered

the well considered glass of drink
sat by the well considered gun
while consideration cinders
lit the spiral staircase down.
the kid paused on the stair
considering a considerable pun.

shall i let my pain become faith,
shall i let it turn my head,
shall i sing in pitchless tune,
shall i break troth with the dead?

i could return to my desk
or could descend the stair,
it seems the choices equal
and equality is always fair;
it seems i’m just stuck,
it’s hell chosen or hell provided;
walk down the fall or be pushed,
i haven’t decided if i’ll take it like a man or
suck the hitch of the devil’s truck.

shall i repay kindness with indifference,
shall i butter your monkey bread,
shall i better myself with company,
shall i break troth with the dead?

the ill contendered question roost
fed the fox caterwaul
to the point of obesity; boom and bust.
they’re open ended
for opera tickets, for one night nothing
piled on nothing until the sheer amount of it
can convince a something;
behind the sturdy fence
the boys paper-rock-scissors
to swim a first taste for a boost.

shall i climb up on your wheel,
shall i bust your fucking head,
shall i connive to be your lover,
shall i break troth with the dead?

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